Energy audit compulsory before installing a heat pump!

As announced by the Deputy Minister for Climate and the Environment - from 14 June there will be an obligation to carry out an energy audit for those who want to benefit from the Clean Air Programme subsidy for a heat pump. The aim of this decision is to minimise the risk of misguided investments, which in previous years contributed to the unfavourable image of heat pumps and the entire heating transformation.

What is an audit?

An energy audit is an excellent source of information about the energy standard of our building. Under the Clean Air Programme, you can receive a grant of up to PLN 1,200 for this purpose. Until now, the audit was only obligatory if we wanted to apply for additional funds for a comprehensive thermo-modernisation. In such a case, the audit must indicate a variant of thermo-modernisation which will ensure that the building meets certain heat demand reduction targets, such as:

  • a reduction in usable energy demand to 80 kWh/(m2-year) or
  • Reduction in utility energy demand by a minimum of 40%.

Declining interest in heat pumps

The restrictions put in place indicate that we will see further declines in interest in heat pumps in the Clean Air Programme. Although the number of investments will decrease, their quality should improve. This is a more sensible approach than installing heat pumps en masse in every building without due consideration.

This approach will definitely benefit the image of the technology. The new regulations may reduce the number of dissatisfied customers. In the long term, heat pumps should gain popularity again under the Clean Air Programme. Fewer unsuccessful investments will gradually increase confidence in these devices.


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