Odprowadzenie Skroplin z Pompy Ciepła: O czym Pamiętać?

Heat Pump Condensate Drainage: What to Remember?

Heat Pump Condensate Drainage: What to bear in mind? The amount of condensate generated by a heat pump depends on both the unit itself and the ambient conditions. An hour's operation with a cooling capacity of 1 kW can generate between 0.3 litres and 0.8 litres of condensate. This is a perfectly normal process. However, if the amount of water deviates significantly from these values,...

Split czy Multi split – jaką klimatyzację wybrać?

Split or multi split - which air conditioner to choose?

Split or multi split - which air conditioner to choose? Deciding to buy an air conditioner is a step towards comfort and better well-being in our homes and workplaces. Choosing the right air conditioning system can be a challenge. The most popular systems on the market are split and multi split units. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are worth considering before...

Systemy montażu fotowoltaiki na dach płaski – jakie możliwości ma inwestor?

Photovoltaic mounting systems for a flat roof - what options do builders have?

Photovoltaic mounting systems for flat roofs - what options are available to the developer? Photovoltaic mounting systems for flat roofs are designed to maximise the efficiency of the solar panels while ensuring their stability and safety. Different technologies and methods are used to install panels on flat roofs, which must take into account factors such as the direction, pitch of the panels, load...

Mała elektrownia wiatrowa – jak działa?

Small wind power plant - how does it work?

How does a wind power plant work? In today's world, where sustainability and renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important, small wind turbines are gaining in popularity. Have you ever wondered exactly how a wind turbine works? These compact versions of their larger counterparts can be the perfect solution for households, small businesses where access to the electricity grid...

Jaki jest prawidłowy sposób łączenia paneli fotowoltaicznych?

What is the correct way to connect photovoltaic panels?

What is the correct way to connect photovoltaic panels? Connecting photovoltaic panels is a key part of building an efficient solar system. Connecting the panels correctly ensures maximum efficiency and reliability of the whole system. There are two main ways of connecting photovoltaic panels: in series and in parallel, and the choice of method depends on the specifications of the system and the expected performance. Which method is best? And can you...

Ogniwa perowskitowe i ich rewolucyjny wpływ na fotowoltaikę

Perovskite cells and their revolutionary impact on photovoltaics

Perovskite cells and their revolutionary impact on photovoltaics Perovskite cells represent a breakthrough in renewable energy technology and have the potential to revolutionise the solar panel market. They are characterised by low production costs and high efficiency in converting solar energy into electricity. In this article you will learn about all aspects of perovskite cells, their applications, advantages and potential...

Fotowoltaika na gruncie, carporty

Photovoltaics on the ground, carports

Photovoltaics on the ground - what does this type of investment consist of? Photovoltaics on the ground is an increasingly popular way of harnessing renewable energy sources. This form of investment involves installing photovoltaic panels directly on the ground instead of on the roofs of buildings. What do you need to know about ground-mounted photovoltaics? What are the advantages of this solution? How do I prepare for...

Jak działają dwustronne panele fotowoltaiczne – Bifacial?

How do double-sided photovoltaic panels - Bifacial - work?

How do double-sided photovoltaic panels - Bifacial - work? Renewable energy is becoming one of the most popular sources of green energy, which makes innovation in this field even necessary. Manufacturers of photovoltaic panels are outdoing themselves with innovative solutions. In this context, bifacial panels, although still relatively young on the market, are gaining popularity and becoming an attractive alternative to traditional...

Jak wykorzystać nadwyżkę z fotowoltaiki?

How to use the surplus from photovoltaics?

How to use the surplus from photovoltaics? Owning your own electricity from photovoltaics saves a lot on your electricity bills. Not every owner of a home photovoltaic installation knows how to use the surplus energy produced. An investment in a photovoltaic installation is most profitable when the electricity produced is consumed on an ongoing basis. This is not always possible, so there are ways to maximise consumption. The electricity produced...

Czy warto wybrać panele full black?

Is it worth choosing full black panels?

Full black photovoltaic panels - are they worth choosing? The popularity achieved by photovoltaic installations has exceeded all expectations. When deciding to set up a backyard solar power plant, we are forced to make some very important decisions. Particular attention must be paid to their power output, as well as their overall efficiency and service life. However, the aesthetics of the design and how they present themselves are also becoming increasingly important....

Czynnik R290 – co to jest?

Factor R290 - what is it?

R290 refrigerant - what is it and why is there more and more of it? Refrigerants play an important role in the field of air-conditioning and are key to the technology for the operation of heat pumps currently available on the market. Among the different types of refrigerants, R290 stands out as an important substance that is widely used in the refrigeration industry. R290 in domestic and industrial...

Magazyn energii a cena: ile kosztuje magazyn energii?
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Energy storage and price: how much does energy storage cost?

Energy storage and price: how much does energy storage cost? Nowadays, with environmental concerns becoming very important, more and more people are turning their attention to sustainable and green energy sources. One of the more popular alternatives gaining ground are photovoltaic installations, which are becoming increasingly popular - allowing electricity to be drawn from...