Żywotność pompy ciepła – ile lat wytrzymuje pompa ciepła? Jak bezpiecznie użytkować pompę ciepła.
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Life expectancy of a heat pump - how many years does a heat pump last? How to use a heat pump safely.

The lifespan of a heat pump is a key topic for those who decide to invest in this source of heating for a building. Is the investment long-term? How many years can a heat pump operate without losing performance? What factors can reduce the service life? These and other questions are answered in the following article! The service life of a heat pump depends on many...

Co to jest system zarządzania energią HEMS i do czego służy?
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What is the HEMS energy management system and what is it used for?

HEMS (Home Energy Management System) is a system for managing energy in the home. Its primary objective is to optimise energy consumption in real time through monitoring, control and automation. HEMS integrates different energy systems - photovoltaic installation, energy storage and home appliances. It can help save electricity and increase the comfort of living for household members. The HEMS system...

Co to jest dioda bocznikująca w panelu fotowoltaicznym? Do czego służy?

What is a bypass diode in a photovoltaic panel? What is it used for?

What is a bypass diode in a photovoltaic panel? What is it used for? A bypass diode, often also referred to as a protection diode or bypass diode, is an important component in the design of photovoltaic panels. It serves to protect the photovoltaic cells and ensures better module performance under partial shading conditions. Principle of the bypass diode Under normal sunlight and no shading, current flows through the...

Jak powstają panele fotowoltaiczne?

How are photovoltaic panels made?

Most photovoltaic panels are made from silicon wafers. Silicon is a very valuable resource for our planet as it is available in abundance. The manufacturing process of photovoltaic cells is described in detail in a previous article. How are photovoltaic panels made? Solar panels are made from six main components. They are assembled in advanced manufacturing facilities with extreme precision,...

Jak powstają ogniwa fotowoltaiczne?
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How are photovoltaic cells made?

How are photovoltaic cells made? Photovoltaic panels use photovoltaic cells, which are made from silicon crystalline wafers. Silicon wafers can be polycrystalline or monocrystalline and are manufactured using several different production methods. Currently, the most efficient type of cells are monocrystalline cells, which are manufactured using the Czochralski process. The Czochralski process is widely used...

Sprężarka do pompy ciepła

Heat pump compressor

Heat pump compressor The compressor in heat pumps plays a key role. Heat extracted from the air, ground or water is accumulated and can be used to heat our building. The compressor is the most important component that is responsible for the correct functioning of the building heating. The compressor in heat pumps is largely responsible for the efficiency of the heat pump. The compressor is one of the components in a heat pump that...

Jak dobrać pompę ciepła?
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How do you select a heat pump?

How do I choose a heat pump? The right choice of heat pump makes it possible to provide heat comfort in all weather conditions in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. The right choice of unit is not easy, as many factors need to be taken into account, such as an accurate determination of the building's heating requirements. The best solution is to have this task carried out by specialists who will analyse all the factors. However, it is worth knowing ...

System hybrydowy Sofar Solar

Sofar Solar hybrid system

Hybrid photovoltaic installations enable maximum and efficient use of solar energy, as well as greater security in the event of grid interruption. The increasing number of photovoltaic installations speaks to the growth of the market for hybrid solutions. The Sofar Solar hybrid system meets the higher demands of Smart Home users and installers. Photovoltaic installations support smart home owners in...

Fotowoltaika w bloku? Czy to przyszłość ogrzewania?

Photovoltaics in a block of flats? Is it the future of heating?

Renewable energy sources are becoming more and more popular every year. Since a photovoltaic installation can be installed in different ways depending on its size, there are more and more takers. Nevertheless, photovoltaic installations are most often referred to in the case of single-family houses. However, is the installation of photovoltaic panels reserved exclusively for ...

Dlaczego odczyt z licznika dwukierunkowego różni się od odczytu z falownika?

Why is the reading from a bi-directional meter different from the reading from an inverter?

Self-consumption, i.e. the electricity produced by the photovoltaic installation and used on an ongoing basis for everyday domestic activities, is responsible for the discrepancy in readings. The inverter indicates the total amount of energy produced by the photovoltaic installation, while the meter indicates the amount of energy handed over to the utility, i.e. minus the self-consumption. Autoconsumption Most often, in an average household, autoconsumption does not exceed 20-30%. The lowest ...

Program Mój Prąd 2022 – kiedy, jakie zmiany?

My Current 2022 programme - when, what changes?

In a dynamic development of renewable energy sources, the Climate Ministry has announced the start of a new edition of the My Current programme. Some changes that have taken place in the Renewable Energy Sources Act are the beginning of further changes that continue in the fourth edition of the programmei. The My Current 2022 programme, like the previous editions of the programme, is mainly aimed at increasing the level of energy efficiency primarily...

Fotowoltaika – zmiany w prawie w roku 2022. Wszystko, co musisz wiedzieć

Photovoltaics - changes to the law in 2022 - everything you need to know

For many years, it has been possible to observe an increased interest among people in the photovoltaic industry. PV installations are increasingly appearing on roofs, garages or gardens. There is nothing surprising about this, as electricity bills are constantly rising and the numerous subsidy programmes for the purchase of photovoltaic installations are an ideal solution for saving money, but not only. Own solar power plants have become something...