Energy voucher for heat pump users

From 1 July 2024, the energy shield will cease to apply and instead a maximum electricity rate and an energy voucher will be introduced. The rules regarding the so-called electricity price freeze will change. To protect the poorest households from energy bill increases, the government has proposed the introduction of an energy voucher. The amount of the new benefit is expected to range from PLN 300 to as much as PLN 1,200. Who will receive the energy voucher? How much will it be? What conditions do you need to meet to get an energy voucher higher by 100%? Check!

Amount of energy voucher depending on income

The new benefit proposed by the government is to be paid as a one-off payment. The value of the voucher will depend on the amount of monthly income. For single-person households the income threshold amount is £2,500 and for multi-person households it is £1,700 per person. The income to be reported is the average income for the year 2023.

The amount of the energy voucher will depend on the number of people living in the household:

  • PLN 300 for single-person households;
  • PLN 400 for households consisting of 2 to 3 persons;
  • PLN 500 for households of 4 to 5 persons;
  • PLN 600 for households of at least 6 persons.

Additional support for heat pump owners

When the household has declared electricity-powered heating (heat pumps, electric cookers, etc.) as its main source of heat to the CEEB (Central Emission Inventory for Buildings), then the value of the voucher is doubled:

  • when the household consists of 1 person: in the amount of PLN 300 (PLN 600 in the case of electric heating)
  • when the household consists of 2-3 persons: PLN 400 (PLN 800 with electric heating)
  • when the household consists of 4-5 persons: PLN 500 (PLN 1000)
  • when consisting of 6 or more persons: PLN 600 (PLN 1200).

The energy voucher will be introduced for a period of 1 July 2024 to 31 December 2024.

Zloty for Zloty

People whose income exceeds the set thresholds can also receive an energy voucher, but its value will be correspondingly lower. For every zloty exceeding the income threshold, the amount of the voucher will be reduced by one zloty. For example, if the income of a family of four is PLN 1,800 per person, i.e. PLN 100 more than the limit, the voucher they are entitled to will be reduced from PLN 500 to PLN 400.

If the amount of the voucher to be granted falls below £20, then the support will not be granted.


According to the draft new law, the energy voucher will be entitled to a one-off payment for the period from 1 July to 31 December 2024. To apply for this benefit, an appropriate application must be submitted. It will be possible to apply both traditionally on paper at the local municipality or town hall and electronically via the ePUAP platform. The application deadline is 31 October 2024, after which applications will no longer be accepted. The application template will be available on the Climate Ministry's Public Information Bulletin website. Please note, however, that the possibility to apply for an energy voucher will only be opened after the law comes into force and the final details are subject to change.




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