Funding for photovoltaic installations in the Municipality of Pruszcz Gdański

Residents of the Pruszcz Gdański municipality, can count on environmental protection and water management funding from the municipal budget. Support is dedicated to photovoltaic installations, heat pumps, gas boilers, solid fuel boilers, electric heating systems or the construction of a domestic sewage treatment plant.

Individuals or legal persons who are owners or co-owners of real estate in the area of the Pruszcz Gdański municipality may apply for a subsidy for a photovoltaic installation.

The subsidy covers installations with a minimum capacity of 2kWp and a maximum capacity of 10kWp, which will produce electricity for the household's own needs.

Interested persons can apply for 30% to cover the gross amount incurred for the purchase and installation of a photovoltaic installation. However, this amount must not exceed PLN 3,000 gross.

Funding in Pruszcz Gdański (city)

There is also the possibility of a subsidy for the elimination of coal heating for individuals and companies who are owners or co-owners of real estate in Pruszcz Gdański (city).This subsidy is available to individuals and companies replacing a coal cooker with another source of heat.
This subsidy can be combined with the Ministry of Climate and Environment- "Clean Air" programme.



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