Everyone would like to have lower electricity bills. Not so long ago, investing in your own photovoltaic system was only for hobbyists. Today, such a system is much cheaper, plus there are numerous incentives from the state. These include a favourable billing system (a system of discounts), the possibility of benefiting from subsidies (up to PLN 5,000 under the government programme "My Electricity") and tax relief (a write-off from the tax base as part of the thermo-modernisation allowance) - altogether, you can have your investment financed to over 50%. In addition, there may be local, municipal support programmes - CHECK IT OUT !


Receive £5,000 in funding! The government programme "My Current", prepared by the Ministry of Energy in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, gives you the opportunity to obtain financial support of up to 50% of the installation costs, but no more than 5000PLN. The project applies to photovoltaic micro-installations from 2kW to 10kW, which is exactly what you will need for your home ! The eligible cost is the purchase and installation of the installation, so everything you need to draw energy from the sun ! The programme is open to natural persons who wish to generate energy for their own needs. The project's budget is as much as PLN MILLION, so up to 200,000 households can count on subsidies. DON'T WAIT ! THE ORDER OF APPLICATIONS IS DECISIVE !





At the beginning of 2019, a decree of the Minister of Investment and Development came into force, based on the Law on Personal Income Tax and Lump Sum Income Tax on Certain Income Earned by Individuals. As a result, an individual who is the owner or co-owner of a single-family residential building has the POSSIBILITY to deduct from the income tax base, among other things, the expenses related to the installation of a PHOTOWOLTAIC SYSTEM. The deduction is possible under the flat tax and lump-sum taxation, as well as under the standard tax scale (17 and 32%). The amount that can be deducted is a MAXIMUM of PLN 53 thousand, and if the amount of tax is lower than the amount of relief granted, the taxpayer is entitled to a deduction in subsequent years.



Mr Marceli invested in a photovoltaic installation → PLN 25 000

Obtained funding from the My Current programme in the amount of £5,000

Mr. Marceli's tax assessment basis is → PLN 40,000

Without the photovoltaic installation deduction, it will pay:

£6,800 tax (40,000 x 17% = £6,800)

With the deduction of the photovoltaic installation, it will pay:

40 000 - 20 000 = PLN 20 000 (taxable amount)

£3,400 tax (20,000 x 17% = £3,400)

The difference is:

PLN 3 400 (PLN 6 800 - 3 400 = PLN 3 400)

Mr Marceli will reduce his tax assessment basis by the amount he invested in the photovoltaic installation (less the financing obtained), thanks to which he will pay PLN 3,400 in tax instead of PLN 6,800. As a result of the subsidy from the "My Electricity" programme and the tax relief, the total cost of this investment will amount to PLN 16 600 instead of PLN 25 000.


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