If you are building or renovating a house and have decided to install photovoltaic panels, it is also worth thinking about an eco-friendly heating system that will help you take care of the environment and reduce your heating bills to zero.

The ideal solution is HEATING FILMS.

folie grzewcze wnetrze

Heating foils (heating films) are an innovative 21st century product powered by electricity and used to heat bodies and objects through infrared radiation.

The films work on the basis of the electrical resistance of carbon. They are constructed with a carbon layer and aluminium paste embedded in a PET film, all covered with a laminate layer. The construction is characterised by excellent insulating and fire-resistant properties, with a service life of more than 40 years.

Thanks to their small size (approximately 0.5mm thick), they can be installed in the floor as well as on walls or ceilings. As well as being used in homes, this type of heating has recently become a hit and a way of heating churches efficiently and cost-effectively.

Traditional heating systems operate using what is known as convection, a physical phenomenon involving the transfer of heat by air or liquid. There are significant losses and delays in this process. Heating films do not make use of this phenomenon, as they use infrared radiation, invisible to the human eye, which transfers heat directly to the object or body.


Imagine you are in the mountains - on a slope on a cloudy day and the temperature is -5 degrees Celsius. You feel a distinct chill on your face. However, after a while the clouds disappear, the sun appears in the sky and you feel warmer. Heating foils work in exactly the same way. Their function is to increase the temperature of bodies and objects, not the air. This is a huge advantage and saves money.

Thanks to the use of this type of system in the home or business, we can maintain thermal comfort at a lower indoor air temperature than before. This is why heating films can save up to 50% in heating expenses.

Another advantage is that the air does not circulate around the room and therefore does not move dust, which makes it easier to keep clean and is great for allergy sufferers.

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