Infrared heating films
Gdansk, Pomerania

Heating foils are one of the state-of-the-art in heating technology. The principle of their operation is infrared heating surfaces directly adhering to the foil, which then transfers heat to the surroundings, so that we are able to feel the thermal comfort in the room very quickly. This innovative system can be installed on walls, floors and ceilings, allowing the heating films to completely replace conventional heating methods. Infrared heating is completely safe for both humans and animals.


folia grzewcza


Heating film is associated with low purchase and operating costs. However, to have a fully integrated, ecological and low-cost system, it is best to combine infrared heating with a photovoltaic installation. Such a solution will ensure full energy independence and minimise the costs of heating the building to practically zero.



The choice of heating films is associated with quick and easy installation and a long-term guarantee. They do not require inspection, cleaning or periodic maintenance, often burdensome with other traditional heating methods. Heating films are characterised by high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. Their lifespan has even been described as approximately one hundred years.


Infrared heating is not only cheap and ecological, but also a healthy solution, especially for allergy sufferers. Heating films dry walls, ceilings and floors, preventing the growth of fungi and mould. Their action does not set air molecules in motion, so dust, mites and bacteria are not spread around the rooms. In addition, heating films do not dehumidify the air, so the humidity in the room is kept at an optimum level, so mucous membranes do not dry out and breathing is more comfortable and hygienic.

More space

Heating foils, which are only 0.7 millimetres thick, save space and make convenient use of free space. There is also no need to fit radiators or to create a separate room for the cooker or fuel store. What is more, we have the option of placing the furniture on heating foils mounted under the floor, but it is worth remembering that they should stand on legs of at least 3 centimetres in height. Unfortunately, it should be remembered that heating foil cannot be placed under permanent buildings. Interestingly, it is possible to place a self-adhesive heating film under the mirror so that the heated mirror is protected against evaporation (vapour build-up). The foil is simply connected to the light switch so that it can be switched on and off at will.


Very importantly, heating by means of heating foils is also safe to use, as there is no risk of bad fumes or chad emissions as with traditional heating methods. The foils are also characterised by high fire resistance and considerable insulation, reducing the risk of fires or explosions providing users with an adequate level of safety.