Photovoltaics for private individuals is an increasingly popular form of renewable energy investment. Using solar energy to produce electricity not only saves money, but also has many other benefits for individuals. You can use the energy you produce and give the surplus back to the utility to collect later. Thanks to photovoltaics, we can enjoy clean energy and benefit from its many advantages in our own home.

Take control of your spending and profit!


A correctly sized installation can save up to 90 % in annual electricity costs! Are you building a house? Think about saving now! Having a photovoltaic installation allows you to generate your own electricity from solar energy. This allows you to reduce the cost of buying energy from external sources or even become completely independent of energy suppliers. This translates into significant savings on your energy bills, which has a positive impact on your household budget.

Comfort and independence

The system operates unattended and usually requires no user intervention. On top of this, you have full control over its efficiency directly from your smartphone screen. By choosing the type of installation, you can become partially or completely independent from your power company. INVEST IN PHOTOVOLTAICS AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT RISING ELECTRICITY PRICES!


Are you annoyed by low interest rates on bank deposits? Invest in your own installation and achieve a return on investment of several percent. Photovoltaics, photovoltaic cells are a safe investment.

Caring for the environment

By using photovoltaics you reduce the amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and you are therefore protecting our planet!
1000 kWh of energy from the sun prevents 812 kg of CO2. Investment in photovoltaics is therefore an expression of concern for the environment and a reduction in the negative impact on the climate.

Transparent and simple investment method

Complete assembly

Top-quality equipment will produce even more energy.


Transparent and secure conditions for all components of your installation

Our care

Support at every stage of the investment and maintenance

We offer support in all formalities related to obtaining funding


My Current 5.0

Reimbursement of up to PLN 58,000


Clean air

Return to 50% investment

piggy bank

Thermal modernisation allowance

Tax refund to 32%

eco house

My warmth

Reimbursement up to 45% of eligible costs

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Control, Observe, Profit

Download the SolarEdge app to your phone or tablet and monitor the performance of your installation anytime, anywhere!

How do you monitor the operation of a photovoltaic installation?

Today's technology allows us to do many things in different areas of life. These possibilities have meant that nowadays owners of photovoltaic installations have the possibility to monitor its operation at any time! All you need to do is connect the inverter to the internet and configure the appropriate application.

Some key benefits:

  • Performance monitoring: The app allows the user to keep track of the performance of their photovoltaic system in real time.

  • Tracking savings: With the app, the user can monitor the savings generated by the photovoltaic installation.

  • Failure diagnostics: The app can automatically detect failures or problems in the photovoltaic system and notify the user when corrective action is required. This avoids energy loss and potential repair costs.

  • Environmental information: Monitoring the photovoltaic installation also allows the ecological impact to be tracked. The user can see how much renewable energy has been generated and how many CO2 emissions have been avoided as a result.

  • Ease of management: Photovoltaic monitoring apps often offer easy access to data and are intuitive to use, making it easy to manage the system.

  • Technical support: In the event of problems, the user can contact the supplier or the company operating the system and the application can help provide diagnostic data.

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