For a building to be able to withstand the load of solar cells, it is best to plan for this type of investment at the design stage of the building. However, there is the possibility of subsequent installation when it comes to photovoltaic cells. Gdańsk is one of the cities where we carry out installation and maintenance work on photovoltaic panel systems.

Where is the best place to install solar panels?

Although photovoltaic panels are suitable for placement directly on the ground, the more common solution we use is to install them on the roof of a house or block of flats. However, we always mount photovoltaic panels in Gdansk in such a way that their operation is most convenient from the customer's point of view. In the case of installation on a single-family building, they can be placed on the roof or façade. However, most of the energy comes from an installation on a larger object, such as the roof of a warehouse or sports facility. Whether the solar cells need to be on the ground, on the façade or on the roof, it is important to install them in an unshaded area. The larger the area exposed to the sun, the more energy the customer will receive.

Location of solar panels in relation to the sun.

Photovoltaics in Pomerania has a huge future due to the number of sunny days per year that occur in northern Poland. However, in order for an installation into a modern solar system to pay off, it is essential that the modules are correctly positioned.

How we position the cells is largely dependent on the angle of the sun's rays and the time when the greatest energy demand arises. For this reason, we always conduct a preliminary interview with the customer to determine how the photovoltaics are to be used.

Tczew or Gdansk - Photovoltaic panels should face south-west or south-east.

Quality of service

Photovoltaics in Pruszcz Gdański as an offer is addressed primarily to owners of detached houses or housing communities. This is where the economic benefits are greatest and the advantages of photovoltaics will be fully appreciated. Kartuzy is, as we have already mentioned, an area with quite a lot of sunshine. Thus, for example, photovoltaics in Tczew - allows for significant os

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