Żukowo and the surrounding area is a place where photovoltaics have become significantly integrated into the landscape. More and more photovoltaic panels are appearing on the roofs of houses. This is most often due to the rising price of electricity and the deterioration of our planet. Investing in photovoltaics in the Zukowo area is a sensible and economically sound solution.

Photovoltaic panels Żukowo - ecology at home

Recently, photovoltaic installations have become increasingly famous. This is not without reason. Photovoltaic systems offer the possibility to save a lot of money and we can also count ourselves among those who care about our climate. What's more, installing solar panels in your own home gives you the opportunity to become independent of external electricity suppliers.

Photovoltaic technology has received a strong boost in publicity. You can see a growing number of houses with solar panels on the roof, and there is no shortage of photovoltaic panels on the ground. A large number of people are probably asking themselves why photovoltaics is such a huge success. It is therefore necessary to start with how it works.

What are photovoltaic panels? - Zukowo - How does photovoltaics work?

Photovoltaics is nothing more than using the sun's rays to generate electricity. We can use the energy gained not only to power the various electrical appliances we have in our own home, but also to heat water or to heat the building we inhabit.

The basic component we need to generate electricity are photovoltaic modules, usually commonly referred to as photovoltaic panels. These are usually installed on the roof of the house. In most cases, there is no need to reinforce the structural elements of the roof - this is only the case for older properties.

In photovoltaic panels, the photovoltaic phenomenon takes place, which involves the conversion of energy from the sun into electrical energy. The electrical charge is conducted in the cells, which are made of a semiconductor material. One of the substances often used to make cells is silicon.

Types of photovoltaic panels - Zukowo

Solar modules are divided into a couple of groups: monocrystalline modules and also polycrystalline modules. Monocrystalline modules are characterised by the high class and efficiency of all modules. These panels are built from a single silicon crystal. Thanks to their relatively low production costs, monocrystalline modules are among the most common at the present time. But the manufacturing process for polycrystalline modules is somewhat less complicated. They are formed from pure silicon semiconductors. According to estimates, the efficiency of polycrystalline modules, as opposed to monocrystalline, is 3% less.

Is the use of a photovoltaic installation really green?

Certainly! A photovoltaic installation does not require any supplementary energy sources and, moreover, has no negative impact on the environment. The main reason why people choose to install a photovoltaic installation is that it is completely ecological and does not involve environmental pollution.

Is there anything to be afraid of? What concerns might investors in photovoltaics in Zhukovo have?

There are a lot of myths being passed around among potential stakeholders in photovoltaic installations that, unfortunately, are often passed from mouth to mouth. What are these myths?

Myth 1: The climate in Poland does not allow the use of solar panels

This is the most frequently repeated myth, which is completely not reflected in practice. As experienced panel installation professionals in Zhukov, we can strongly deny it. We often hear favourable feedback from our customers who, after a few seasons, gain 100 per cent independence from electricity suppliers.

In addition, Poland has very similar insolation to Germany, which is one of the leaders in photovoltaic installations in Europe.

Myth 2: The cost of installation is not recouped, making the investment uneconomic

This is not true. There are many subsidies and rebates for the installation of photovoltaic panels, so the investment pays off much faster. In addition, it should be taken into account that every year electricity prices increase and the payback time for the investment decreases.


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