Photovoltaic panels is not only a very ecological solution, but also - especially in the long term - an economical one. The ecology and economics of photovoltaics are closely linked to its properties. The installation of photovoltaic panels itself is usually preceded by many dilemmas and analyses. One of these is the question of where to install - on the roof or on the ground.

Ground-mounted photovoltaics - when to opt for this solution

Photovoltaics on the ground is a much less popular solution than those mounted on the roof. However, in some cases, the investor encounters various types of obstacles that prevent the installation of such panels on the roof. Among the most common ones are:

too small a roof area, poor technical condition of the roof, too much shading on the roof which makes it impossible to use this type of panel, poor roof location. Another reason - equally important - for choosing ground-mounted photovoltaics is aesthetic considerations. It is also important that some building owners do not want to interfere with the roofing. All this influences the decision to install photovoltaic panels on the ground.

Photovoltaics on the ground - advantages and disadvantages

Ground-mounted photovoltaics - although less popular - have their advantages. Among these, it is worth mentioning:

easy access (which is important especially for cleaning or possible faults)freedom of positioning (possibility of direct south-facing installation and setting the optimum angle of inclination)good ventilation (which increases the efficiency of the device)An additional advantage of the panels installed in this way is the possibility to use the unused part of the plot of land.

Photovoltaics on the ground undoubtedly has many advantages. But it is also not without disadvantages. First of all, you have to reckon with the additional costs incurred for scaffolding and cabling. The ground-mounted installation itself is also slightly more expensive than the roof-mounted one. On top of this, there is the purely practical aspect that such panels must not be obstructed by vegetation or other objects, and the grass under the structure must be mowed regularly.

Ground-mounted photovoltaic panels are a very practical and, in many situations, the only solution. And although it is not without a few drawbacks, it is still worth considering. You can find out about the proposed solutions on our website.

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