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Electric cars are the future, and they have arrived today ! The right charging system for your electric vehicle will save you time and money and provide convenience. Forget about looking for a charging station in the city centre or at the petrol station, enjoy independence with your own charging station at home.
A car charger in your garage gives you the ability to decide when you want to charge your car, which, combined with a photovoltaic installation, gives you miles of driving straight from solar energy.

Spanish manufacturer of chargers for electric cars. Features of the range include a substantial design, small size and the ability to communicate and schedule remotely. Connectivity is provided via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Communication allows full interaction with the charger via a mobile app. This allows you to manage the charger and also update the software.

NOARK Electric is a global supplier of low-voltage electrical components for general construction electrical installations and specialised manufacturing. It provides its customers with the highest quality products with a unique five-year warranty.
NOARK Electric develops, manufactures and distributes electrotechnical equipment and its components. The company is part of a group employing more than 25,000 people. NOARK Electric has invested millions of euros in the development of its own products, developed and manufactured using the latest technologies. Our aim is to build a global brand.
Regional centres in Shanghai, Prague and Los Angeles manage operations on each continent according to the individual requirements of the markets and countries.

Products offered:

walbox pulsar


The entry-level model of the WALLBOX home charger. It has a BLUETOOTH communication module and works with the myWallbox monitoring platform. With the myWallbox platform, you can monitor your energy consumption, view your charging history and schedule charging sessions. You even have the option to configure your Wallbox account via the Wallbox App to charge during the hours of the lowest electricity consumption charges. Wallbox Pulsar...