My Current 6.0 after the holidays! 

The President of NFOŚiGW has announced that the 6th edition of the My Current programme will start just after the summer holidays. The next edition of the programme is expected to start when the 5th edition benefits have been completed. Only when all applications have been processed, can we expect the next intake to start. The "post-holiday" date referred to by the President of NFOŚiGW may therefore refer to September or even November.

My Current 6.0 - what changes?

The most significant change communicated by the president of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management is the information that energy storage facilities will be obligatory in the new edition of the programme. Thus, from a fixed date (which is not yet known), those investing in photovoltaic installations will also have to install energy storage. This is the only significant change that has been communicated. Other measures do not indicate specific changes. As in previous editions, funding will be available for completed investments - that is, those completed after 1 January 2021 and connected to the grid via net-billing. The new edition of the programme has a budget of 400 million.

The priority is to close the fifth call

The information about the planned start of the call in September is not quite in line with the closing date of the fifth call. As said - My Current 6.0 will not start until the previous edition is closed, which makes the September start date of the sixth call seem unreliable. However, we are counting on the fact that, as announced by President Zawadzka-Stępniak, it will be possible to submit applications for funding under My Current 6.0 after the holidays. After the holidays could also mean October and beyond. Initial information provided by the Ministry of Climate and Environment indicated that My Current 6.0 would start in the second quarter, which is already coming to an end, and we still do not know more about the new edition of the programme than April.

My Current 6.0 - how to apply?

In order to ensure that the application is submitted correctly, it is worth contacting Sollab in order to select the right installation capacity and energy storage - which is mandatory in the new call.

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