Heat pumps are devices that recover energy from the environment and transfer it to our heating systems. With the help of heat pumps we can heat the building, cool it and prepare domestic hot water. The wide range of solutions allows PCs to be used both in new buildings and those where a boiler room is planned to be replaced. They can be the only source of heat, but they work perfectly with other appliances. They are fully automatic and the built-in WIFI module allows remote control via an app installed on a smartphone. Attractive financing from a nationwide programme Clean Air and My Heat allows the cost of installing a heat pump to be significantly reduced and the free energy from photovoltaics enables the house to be heated completely free of charge.

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Advantages of a heat pump:


  • Lowest heating and hot water bills for home and business
  • Additional savings when combined with a photovoltaic installation
  • Opportunities to benefit from support tools such as subsidies under the Clean Air and My Heat programmes, as well as the thermo-modernisation allowance
  • Reduced expenditure on preparing a new building for heating - no need for connections, chimney, boiler room

Safety and convenience

  • independence from the price of fossil fuels such as gas, coal or eco-pea
  • elimination of the risk of fire or explosion
  • maintenance-free - no need to order, transport, store or add fuel to the cooker
  • possibility to use the cooling function


  • energy saving through efficient heat pump technology - most of the energy is derived from the environment
  • elimination of heating-related pollution generated in the home or business
Why use our services?
  • Proper selection of the heat pump - each time we conduct an audit at the customer's site, use professional software, discuss in detail with the customer the proposed solutions and possibilities
  • Attractive range of proposed solutions and manufacturers
  • Assistance with all formalities related to "CLEAN AIR", "MY HEAT" and thermo-modernization grants
  • Quick and trouble-free installation
  • Short lead times
  • Constant contact with the client, advice and support at every stage of the project
  • Possibility of a one-stop shop - installation of heat pumps, photovoltaics, air conditioning, electric car chargers by one company
  • Investment financing possible - we cooperate with banks .... And leasing

At Sollab, the customer gets optimal solutions at attractive prices

Example prices for heat pump installations:

Air source heat pump GROSS (8% VAT) including installation from £ 29,900.

Heat pumps Pomerania - air pumps

Air-to-water heat pumps are one of the most commonly used solutions. In this case, the pump extracts energy from the air by means of a special outdoor unit consisting of an evaporator and a condenser. The evaporator is located outside the building and is responsible for extracting heat from the air, while the condenser converts the energy into heat that heats the water that is supplied to the building. There are also air-to-air heat pumps that extract heat from the outside and direct it directly into the interior.

The efficiency of an air source heat pump depends on the temperature outside: the lower the temperature, the more work the heat pump has to do and the more electricity it needs to provide the same amount of heat.

Heat pumps Pomerania - ground pumps

Ground source heat pumps are another type of device that extract heat from the soil. In this case, a special probe is buried in the ground and is responsible for capturing energy, which is then converted into hot water that is supplied to the building. These heat pumps are very efficient because the soil is a stable source of temperature, which allows them to maintain a high output throughout the year. The positive ground temperature is maintained even when outdoor temperatures drop below 0 degrees Celsius.

Ground source heat pumps are divided into two types:

  • with horizontal collector - the loops of antifreeze pipes are located shallowly below the ground surface, but over a large area,
  • with vertical collector: in order to place the pipes, it is necessary to drill up to several tens of metres into the ground.

An efficient investment for years - heat pumps Pomerania

In Poland, heat pumps are increasingly being used because of rising heating costs. It is worth remembering that an investment in a heat pump is an investment in the future, as it allows for significant savings in energy and operating costs and contributes to environmental protection. The heat pumps available in our range are very durable and reliable, allowing for long, trouble-free use.