Split or multi split - which air conditioner to choose?

The decision to purchase an air conditioning system is a step towards comfort and a better feeling in our homes and workplaces. Choosing the right air conditioning system can be a challenge. The most popular systems on the market are split and multi split units. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, which are worth considering before making a choice. Not sure which solution to go for? Read the article and find out the advantages of both solutions.

What is a split system?

Split air-conditioning systems are one of the most popular solutions that are used in homes, offices or shops. It consists of two main components: the indoor unit, which is installed in the room, and the outdoor unit, which is responsible for dissipating heat to the outside.

Split air conditioning has an individual electricity supply and serves only one room. The cables connecting the indoor unit to the outdoor unit located on the façade wall, roof or at ground level are usually short.

The biggest advantage of the split system is its simplicity of installation and relatively low cost. It is ideal for people who want to air-condition a single room or need separate systems in different parts of a building.

What is a multi split system?

In a situation where you want to effectively cool several rooms in your home or office, the first choice is to multi split air conditioner. A multi split system, like a split, consists of a single outdoor unit but can operate several indoor units, usually between two and five. Each of the indoor units can be controlled individually. If you decide to install several indoor units, in this case a multi split system offers more efficient operation and an aesthetically pleasing appearance, as it requires fewer outdoor units, which is beneficial when outdoor space is limited.

Comparison of systems

When deciding which air conditioning system is best for you, it's worth considering the type of room you intend to use it in. For a larger business, a multi split air conditioner is likely to be a better option for a comprehensive cooling system. While a small interior of a certain size may only need one basic split unit to provide the right temperature.

Split systems are usually cheaper to purchase and install. However, when multiple rooms need to be air-conditioned, a multi split system can prove more efficient, despite the higher initial price. Additionally, installation of a split system is simpler, making it a popular choice for smaller properties or single rooms. Both options offer a variety of features such as humidity control, air filtration and more. However, it is worth noting the ability to control the temperature in different rooms individually, which is a big advantage of a multi split system.


The choice between a split and multi split system depends mainly on the specific needs of the user. A split system is ideal for those who want to air-condition single rooms. A multi split system, on the other hand, is a better solution for those who need flexible climate control in multiple rooms at the same time. If you are planning to install an air-conditioning system, contact our sales staff to select the best system for your needs.



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