Czy w 2022 roku fotowoltaika nadal będzie opłacalna?

Will solar PV still be viable in 2022?

Energy defines our security. Hence the great desire of many countries for energy independence. The same is true for households. The development of domestic photovoltaic installations has brought households the hope of producing their own, cheaper electricity and independence from distribution centres. 2022 brings with it many changes regarding taxes and payments. Also for photovoltaic energy producers. What will change...

Czym jest mikroinstalacja fotowoltaiczna?

What is a photovoltaic micro-installation?

Photovoltaics have become a common feature of the Polish landscape at a fairly rapid pace. As part of a strategy to diversify energy sources, quite a number of smaller and larger solar farms have been built recently. Government incentives, rebates and subsidies are attracting more investors to enter this market. The usefulness and benefits of photovoltaics are also increasingly being recognised by private households. It is making visible...

Uzgodnienia ppoż w fotowoltaice

Fire arrangements in photovoltaics

Photovoltaic (PV) installations are becoming increasingly popular in Poland. This is a very good solution because using renewable energy sources is a relief for the planet and... your wallet. Electricity prices are still rising, so an investment in photovoltaic panels will pay for itself after just a few years. And you will benefit from virtually free energy for decades to come. The prerequisite for this...

Zielone Kolbudy- dotacja. Ruszył nabór wniosków.

Green Kolbudy - subsidy. The call for applications has started.

From 3 to 21 February 2022, applications can be submitted to the Kolbudy Municipality Office for subsidies for the purchase and installation of photovoltaic installations as well as solar collectors and heat pumps. Purpose of the programme The purpose of the programme is to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the environment and to increase the production of energy from renewable sources. How much and for whom? The amount of the grant is 50% of the eligible costs, however...

Dlaczego odczyt z licznika dwukierunkowego różni się od odczytu z falownika?

Why is the reading from a bi-directional meter different from the reading from an inverter?

Self-consumption, i.e. the electricity produced by the photovoltaic installation and used on an ongoing basis for everyday domestic activities, is responsible for the discrepancy in readings. The inverter indicates the total amount of energy produced by the photovoltaic installation, while the meter indicates the amount of energy handed over to the utility, i.e. minus the self-consumption. Autoconsumption Most often, in an average household, autoconsumption does not exceed 20-30%. The lowest ...



The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) has scheduled the launch of a new subsidy called ''My Heat'' for the first half of 2022. This programme is an extremely important element in the fight against nationwide air pollution, and smog in particular. The aim of the programme is to financially support the purchase and installation of heat pumps, which are one of the most environmentally friendly sources of heating....