Is it worth it?

Depending on the installed capacity, a photovoltaic installation costs from a few thousand to even a few hundred thousand. Installed in accordance with the state of the art and using good quality equipment, it will serve its purpose maintenance-free for many years. However, there are situations beyond our control, including acts of vandalism, theft, fire or above-average weather phenomena that may damage our home power plant. It is worth ensuring your peace of mind and insuring photovoltaics.

Together or separately?

There are two types of insurance:
1. photovoltaic insurance included in the property insurance policy as a permanent element;
2 Photovoltaic insurance as a stand-alone product, independent of property insurance.

The simplest and cheapest option is to add the value of the installation to the value of the property, which will increase the premium (usually by around 100-200 PLN). However, if for some reason you prefer to insure your installation "separately", you can do so with WIENER or PZU insurance company. By clicking on the link below, you can calculate the premium and purchase such a policy online:

In addition to the standard financial protection against damage resulting from, for example, fire, hurricane or vandalism, we can also count on compensation for the downtime of a non-functioning installation (usually up to 180 days).

Which insurance company to choose?

Before deciding to purchase a policy, it is worth comparing offers from different companies. There are differences between the offers of the leaders of the Polish insurance market. For example, insurance in PZU does not cover broken and cracked panels, LINK4 allows insurance of modules located on the roof of a summer house, while GENERALI pays compensation of up to PLN 30 000 (regardless of the value of the installation).

An easy way to compare quotes from different insurers is to visit a CUK UBEZ INSURANCE branch or online at .
 Remember ! Before signing a contract, read the general terms and conditions !

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