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I am very pleased with my choice of this company. All the advantages. There is nothing to complain about. I have had the installation since February and everything works as it should. Professionalism at a very high level. I recommend it to everyone.
beata prusinowska
beata prusinowska
Sollab is a company with a lot of experience. Installation done professionally. It has been working properly since commissioning.
Tadeusz Niemczyk
Tadeusz Niemczyk
Installation installed with care - neat and correct. Cables and wires routed under ridge and attic. Installation was efficient. P.Marceli expertly advised the selection of suitable components - exemplary contact. In addition, Sollab presented a very attractive price offer. I hope that the installation will work as well as the whole investment did. I recommend.
Marcin Mucha
Marcin Mucha
Highly recommended!!! Very professional, professional approach, no bragging, just specifics. The owner perfectly prepared from the theoretical and practical side. Installation team very solid, work done efficiently and aesthetically. Very good offer both in terms of products and prices. Sincere and cultured approach to the customer, no marketing or psychological "tricks". Thank you to the whole team and sincerely recommend. Ania and Adam Donarscy. This is the third time we have used Sollab's services. As usual we were not disappointed, everything was done professionally with very good communication. We already knew that we were dealing with professionals with experience and nothing has changed here in time. The customer's sense of security with such a service is priceless, we continue to recommend it sincerely.
Anna Donarska
Anna Donarska
Quick, reliable, clean - I wish there were more such companies on the Polish market. 100 % I recommend all working gentlemen from Sollab Company
sara Jara
Sara Jara
I recommend the services of Sollab, everything is professional, punctual, reliable and, what is important, competitively priced.
Piotr Domanek
Piotr Domanek
What did you like? Overall, the specifics. I am a concrete customer, I knew what I wanted (3.8kWp, SolarEdge) and I got what I wanted at a very good price. I didn't have to wait long for the installation, the guys had everything prepared beforehand (i.e. cable routes, pilots, grooves in the walls) and they used it perfectly. The panels on the roof installed elegantly, symmetrically, creating a beautiful block. The electrical men laid all the cables very aesthetically, as we had agreed without troughs, they did without troughs. Both teams cleaned up after themselves, so that it was almost impossible to see that the installation had taken place. A big thank you also to Mr Marceli, who quickly and efficiently took care of everything when it came to pairing the inverter and paperwork with the grant. Overall, I would recommend it. Wojciech Kurowski
Wojtek Kurowski
Wojtek Kurowski
The Sollab Fotowoltaika company from Gdansk carried out a 3.3kWp photovoltaic installation on our roof. We are very pleased with the company's services - they were the first to contact us in response to our enquiry and although we spoke to several other companies, we decided on their services. And we were not disappointed, because the offer presented was attractive in terms of price and the installation was done quickly and well. The sun is heating up and we are already enjoying the kilowatts produced and counting the savings. The company also efficiently filled in the application to Energa for the connection of the installation, and two days later, everything was running smoothly. We highly recommend the company, as they also have very nice and helpful employees who will professionally advise and assist in the choice. We would especially like to greet Mr Michael, who was our customer care manager.
Anita Starzycka
Anita Starzycka
A reliable and trustworthy partner. A cooperation that we value highly!


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Every installation carried out is carried out to the highest standard with attention to detail.

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Post-assembly service and technical support.

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We offer support in all formalities related to obtaining funding


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Photovoltaics Pomerania - get energy from the best source!

Every year, more and more people appreciate photovoltaic installations. No wonder - after all, they give us the opportunity to save on bills and are an extremely ecological solution. Thanks to our company, every inhabitant of the Pomeranian Voivodeship can become the owner of their own photovoltaic installation, thanks to which they can effectively reduce the costs of maintaining their home, farm or company. Photovoltaics is a technology that allows solar energy to be converted into electricity, using special photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaics is becoming more and more common in Poland, and the Pomeranian Voivodeship is one of 16 voivodeships where this technology can be used. Many people from the Pomeranian Voivodeship who wish to invest in photovoltaics for their home or photovoltaics for their company are concerned about the lack of return on investment. Nothing could be further from the truth - solar panels are an investment that pays for itself very quickly.

Photovoltaics Pomerania - trust our experience

Anyone in the Pomeranian region wishing to commission a photovoltaic installation should entrust it to us! We have extensive experience in the industry and offer very attractive rates. The advantage of photovoltaics is its ecological character and the possibility of saving money on electricity bills. Photovoltaics is popular all over Poland, including the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Solar radiation is a completely free and renewable source of energy that is increasingly being used to produce electricity. Solar radiation is a clean energy source with many advantages, both economically and ecologically. If you care about economic and ecological solutions, then photovoltaics pomerania will prove to be a hit!

Photovoltaics Tri-City - energy straight from the sun!

Photovoltaics Tri-City is an excellent way to effectively reduce the costs associated with the use of electricity. Photovoltaic installations are a brilliant idea both for small households, but also for hosts of extensive production halls or farms. Our photovoltaic panels Tri-City will help you relieve your budget, as well as make you do less harm to the environment by using alternative energy sources. Photovoltaic installations are an investment that always pays off. All you need is a piece of space on your roof or on your plot of land. If you are interested in photovoltaics in the Tri-City and you are from Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and the surrounding area, you should see what solutions we have prepared for you! In our company, we place particular emphasis on a professional approach to working with renewable sources of electricity, which is why all the photovoltaic installations we have carried out throughout Poland are projects of the highest quality. All photovoltaic cells installed by us are characterised by reliability and high efficiency.

Photovoltaics in the Tri-City

Our company deals extensively with photovoltaics. For many years, we have been carrying out projects and tailoring the most ecological and economical solutions to the needs of each customer. Using photovoltaic installations means you can be sure of a return on your investment within a really short period. You don't have to take out a loan for this at all photovoltaics Tricity was for you. Non-refundable grants are also available, which we will help you to obtain. The Tricity is what everyone associates with holidays and sunshine. Indeed, the sun is present here for many months of the year, so it is worth taking advantage of this fact and installing a photovoltaic installation in your home, business or farm.