Jak należy czytać fakturę za prąd będąc prosumentem?

How should you read your electricity invoice if you are a prosumer?

How should you read your electricity invoice as a prosumer? Reading your electricity invoice as a prosumer can be a challenge, especially if you're just starting out with photovoltaics. This post will help you understand the key elements of the invoice and what they mean for your household budget. The prosumer contract and electricity invoices with photovoltaics Installing a photovoltaic system has many benefits....

Odprowadzenie Skroplin z Pompy Ciepła: O czym Pamiętać?

Heat Pump Condensate Drainage: What to Remember?

Heat Pump Condensate Drainage: What to bear in mind? The amount of condensate generated by a heat pump depends on both the unit itself and the ambient conditions. An hour's operation with a cooling capacity of 1 kW can generate between 0.3 litres and 0.8 litres of condensate. This is a perfectly normal process. However, if the amount of water deviates significantly from these values,...

Dlaczego tak ważny jest punkt biwalentny pompy ciepła?

Why is the heat pump bivalent point so important?

Why is the bivalent point of a heat pump so important? Heat pumps are a green and very popular solution for heating homes and public buildings, providing energy efficiency and promoting sustainability. One of the key aspects to consider when selecting and designing a heat pump system is the so-called bivalent point. In the following article, we will try to explain,...

Split czy Multi split – jaką klimatyzację wybrać?

Split or multi split - which air conditioner to choose?

Split or multi split - which air conditioner to choose? Deciding to buy an air conditioner is a step towards comfort and better well-being in our homes and workplaces. Choosing the right air conditioning system can be a challenge. The most popular systems on the market are split and multi split units. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are worth considering before...

Ogrzewanie nisko i wysokotemperaturowe – na które rozwiązanie się warto się zdecydować?

Low and high temperature heating - which solution is worth opting for?

Low-temperature and high-temperature heating Heat pumps are gaining popularity as environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for heating homes and buildings. Although low-temperature and high-temperature heat pumps share the same operating principle, there are important differences in some respects. When deciding to install such a system, it is useful to understand the differences between a low-temperature and a high-temperature heat pump in order to choose the model best suited to...

Fotowoltaika na budynkach w Polsce będzie obowiązkowa

Photovoltaics on buildings in Poland will be mandatory

Photovoltaics on buildings in Poland will be mandatory Mandatory photovoltaics on all buildings? On 12 March 2024, the European Parliament voted on a directive on the energy efficiency of buildings, the so-called Buildings Directive. This means that all new buildings in the EU must be zero-emission. The EU is thus accelerating the energy modernisation of residential and non-residential buildings. Mandatory energy production from the sun The new law...

Na ile wystarczy magazyn energii?

How much energy storage is enough?

How much energy storage is enough? Energy storage makes it possible to become independent of the grid supply. Choosing the right energy storage is crucial to the efficient and economical operation of a photovoltaic system. Energy storage allows you to store excess electricity produced by photovoltaic panels so that it can be used during periods of less sunshine or at night. For how long will a domestic...

Audyt energetyczny – co to jest?

Energy audit - what is it?

Energy audit - what is it? An energy audit of a building is the first step towards reducing energy intensity. It is a technical and economic expert opinion on the energy use of the building under study. The result of the audit is not only a detailed report describing the current energy consumption, but also a set of recommendations to help improve the energy efficiency of the building. Such an audit may concern simple modifications as well as ...

Bon energetyczny dla użytkowników pomp ciepła

Energy voucher for heat pump users

Energy voucher for heat pump users From 1 July 2024, the energy shield will cease to apply and instead a maximum electricity rate and an energy voucher will be introduced. The rules regarding the so-called electricity price freeze will change. To protect the poorest households from energy bill increases, the government has proposed the introduction of an energy voucher. The amount of the new benefit is to be ...

Gwarancja na fotowoltaikę – jak działa?

Photovoltaic guarantee - how does it work?

Photovoltaic guarantee - how does it work? Purchasing a photovoltaic installation is an investment with long-term benefits. An undeniable advantage of photovoltaic panels is that they have a low failure rate. They are characterised by the absence of moving parts, which minimises the risk of mechanical failure. Nevertheless, warranties for photovoltaic installations are an important element to ensure long-term comfort and safety of use. In the case of photovoltaics, there are...