On 17 April, official information was released about the start date of the next edition of the renewable energy subsidy programme - MY PROGRESS 5.0!

When will the call for the My Current 5.0 programme start?

The call for applications is scheduled for 22 April 2023., or Earth Day.

My current - about the programme

The aim of the programme is to support investment in renewable energy sources by enabling the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources on the premises of private households. The programme is aimed at owners of single-family houses who want to invest in RES and produce electricity for their own needs.

My Current 5.0 - details and amount of funding  

Back in March, Anna Moskwa announced that in the 5th edition of My Current, it will be possible to apply for subsidies not only for investments in PV and energy storage, as was the case in previous editions, but also for heat pumps!

The amount of the grant is perhaps of most interest to future beneficiaries of the programme. It is known that maximum amount of funding is to be PLN 58 000.

The deputy head of the National Environmental Protection and Water Management Authority (NFOŚiGW), Pawel Mirowski, reported as recently as the end of March, that the amount of subsidies for heat pumps in My Current to be that of the basic funding level of the programme Clean Air 2023. This means that subsidies for:

  • air-to-air heat pumps amount to up to £4.4k,
  • air-to-water pumps without increased efficiency - up to £12.6k,
  • air-to-water pumps with improved efficiency - up to £19.4k,
  • ground pumps - up to £28,000,
  • solar collectors - up to PLN 3,500.

According to the NFOŚiGW proposal, the subsidies are to amount to:

  • photovoltaic panels alone - up to £6,000,
  • Photovoltaic panels plus components - up to £7,000,
  • photovoltaic panels plus energy storage - up to £16,000,
  • heat storage - up to £5,000,
  • energy management system - up to PLN 3 000.

If you are interested in your own photovoltaic, heat pump or energy storage system, then welcome to contact. We offer our comprehensive assistance in dealing with all the formalities involved in applying for possible funding to make your green energy investment pay off even faster!


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