The Minister for Climate and Environment, Anna Moskwa, has announced increased subsidies under the 4th edition of the My Electricity Programme. Now prosumers will have the chance to receive even higher subsidies -. up to £6,000 for PV installations and £16,000 for energy storage.

Government increases the amount of funding to £6,000

Money from the My Current programme is available for the purchase and installation of a new installation, with a capacity of between 2 and 10 kW, as well as for extending investments with energy storage and energy management systems.

According to the announcement, prosumers will be able to receive higher subsidies under the 4th edition of the My Electricity programme. The amount of funding will depend on the investment chosen:

  1. subsidy for PV micro-installations only - the amount of the subsidy will be up to 50% of eligible costs, not more than PLN 6,000;
  2. subsidised PV micro-installation with energy storage, government support for the investment will be:
  • for micro-installations up to 50% eligible costs of no more than PLN 7,000;
  • for energy storage up to 50% eligible costs of no more than £16,000.

When can applications be submitted?

Recruitment for the next edition of the My Current programme will already begin 15 December and is expected to last until the foreseen pool of funds, i.e. approximately PLN 350 million, is exhausted. The expenditure eligibility period has been set at 1 February 2020 - 31 December 2023.


Applicants who have previously received an MP4 grant payment will not need to submit an additional application. Once the eligible costs have been recalculated, they will be paid the difference resulting from the increase in the grant level.  

The increase in subsidies from the My Current programme has to do with the deepening energy crisis, the economic situation and high inflation. In this case, investment in photovoltaic installations and energy storage becomes even more viable.

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