Which heat source to choose?

Over the last few years, several hundred thousand new building projects have been built. This means that in the near future, many investors will have to choose a heat source for their home. There are many options, but taking into account the dynamically changing situation on the fuel market in Poland and worldwide, making a decision is not easy. The future of coal and gas seems uncertain, mainly due to the depletion of raw materials and the war in Ukraine. Modern solutions, such as heat pumps, are becoming increasingly popular.

Which heat source should I choose? When making a decision, it is important to match the heat source to the householder - their lifestyle and financial possibilities.

Types of heat sources - heat pumps, storage furnaces, gas boilers, heating foils


Among traditional heating methods, gas boilers are the most environmentally friendly and practical heating source. When choosing a gas boiler, there is no need, as with coal or pellets for example, to store solid fuels, no need to dispose of ash. A gas boiler takes up relatively little space, so we can save area. The disadvantage of a gas system is the relatively high cost of heating the house. The price of gas depends on the world situation. In addition, connecting to the gas grid can be cumbersome for logistical reasons.


Accumulator cookers are a good idea when using an electrical system for heating. The solutions available in this type of device make it possible to adapt the operation of the heating system as much as possible to the ambient conditions and to our needs. The idea behind the cookers


Nowadays, when choosing a heat source for the home, many investors are guided by the possibility of choosing an ecological and modern solution. A heat pump is characterised by low operating costs and no emissions of harmful gases. In addition, its operation is quiet and safe. They are maintenance-free and practically failure-free devices. A properly selected heat pump can serve as the only source of heat in the home. In such a case, the construction of a boiler or chimney can be dispensed with, thus reducing costs during house construction. An additional advantage of this solution is the possibility of obtaining subsidies for the installation of the heat pump.


Infrared heating, using heating films, is a maintenance-free system. They are characterised by ease of installation, lack of emissivity and the possibility of intelligent heating control. Heating foil is a modern infrared heating system. The foil can be laid as underfloor heating, but also as wall and ceiling heating. The principle of the foil is simple - it heats the material to which it adheres and the material gives off heat to the environment. Importantly, the infrared radiation on which the foil works is one of the healthiest and safest forms of heating.

  Heat pump Gas boiler Heating with electricity
Maintenance-free Yes Yes Yes
Economics Low-cost operation Prices dependent on the global situation Expensive operation
Ecology - a renewable energy source Yes Not Yes
Lifespan Approximately 20 years 10 - 15 years 20 - 30 years
No need for a paid connection Yes Not Yes



Even the most efficient heating system will fail if the building is not properly insulated. As can be seen from the overview presented in the table, the cheapest and most efficient heat source is the heat pump. In addition, a heat pump produces virtually no pollution, making it an environmentally friendly heat source. This solution is additionally maintenance-free and economical. It is worth remembering that an investment in a heat pump is an investment in the future, as it allows for significant energy and operating cost savings and contributes to environmental protection. The heat pumps available in our range are very durable and reliable, which allows for long-term use without the need for frequent.

Why use our services?

  • Proper selection of the heat pump - each time we carry out an audit at the customer's site, use professional software and discuss the proposed solutions and options in detail with the customer.
  • Attractive range of proposed solutions and manufacturers.
  • Assistance in all formalities related to "CLEAN AIR", "MY HEAT" and the thermo-modernisation allowance.
  • Quick and trouble-free installation
  • Constant contact with the client, advice and support at every stage of the project
  • Possibility of a one-stop shop - installation of heat pumps, photovoltaics, air conditioning, electric car chargers by one company





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