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The development of the renewable energy industry has brought safe energy storage solutions to the market. Until now, energy storage was only possible in off-grid systems, i.e. not connected to the power utility. Technological advances have allowed manufacturers to introduce the possibility of connecting energy storage to standard on-grid inverters (ON-GRID). The downside of this solution is the inability to operate when the grid goes down on the utility's side. The solution to this problem is hybrid inverters, which combine ON-GRID and OFF-GRID inverters. These can operate with energy storage under both grid and outage conditions.We tailor the solution to the customer's needs. We select and install total solutions consisting of, among other things, a hybrid inverter, energy meter, battery controller and batteries.

We use solutions from companies: Huawei, Sofar Solar, Victron, Fronius and others.

Description of a sample solution - Hybrid installation

The electricity generated from the panels is first used for self-consumption, i.e. consumption for current needs in the home. If these needs are covered then the surplus energy is stored in the batteries. If they are charged, the surplus energy is fed into the grid. The energy stored in the batteries is used when the production from the modules is insufficient to cover the self-consumption. The system can also operate when power is disconnected from the grid. The entire system is controlled by an energy meter. The connected current transformers are installed on the electrical wires from the power station at the entrance to the house.

How does a photovoltaic installation with energy storage work?

The electricity produced by the installations goes to an inverter.

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In the first instance, the energy produced powers the appliances in the house.

Any surplus energy not used on an ongoing basis goes into energy storage.

When the energy in storage runs out you will collect energy from the grid.

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