Electricity prices are steadily rising, affecting the cost of community maintenance. Photovoltaics for communities is the solution to using solar energy to generate electricity for communal or collective purposes. It is a popular form of investment in renewable energy sources that can bring both environmental and economic benefits. Photovoltaics for communities reduce electricity bills and carbon emissions, which contributes to environmental protection. In addition, if energy is produced in excess, it can be sold to the grid, which can generate additional revenue.

Why invest in a photovoltaic installation for a community?

Funding for 50% investments from the RES Grant programme

Using the RES Grant funding, the community will be able to receive funds to cover 50% investment costs. The funds can be used to refinance the investment - they are paid to cover the costs already incurred.

Decrease in electricity costs in common areas

The photovoltaic installation will reduce to electricity costs for the common area. The energy produced by the photovoltaic modules can power stairwell lighting, lifts, ventilation of flats and garage halls. The savings can be significant, contributing to a reduction in property maintenance costs.

Source of revenue for the community

The money generated from the energy sold can be used to cover other administrative charges or to upgrade the property. There are no limits on the size of the investment, so it is possible to build a larger installation than the demand for the common parts, and selling the surplus can provide additional profit. With solar energy, the community can promote its sustainable activities.

How to finance the purchase of panels for the community?

In order to make photovoltaics for communities and cooperatives even more cost-effective, it is worth taking advantage of the forms of financing available. Initially, the cost of purchasing and installing a photovoltaic installation may seem high, so it is worth taking advantage of the appropriate support offered by government programmes or banks.

Communities can benefit from the government's programme RES Grant. An investor who is the owner or manager of a multi-family building can apply for a RES grant. The RES grant is available to an investor implementing a project involving the purchase, installation, construction or modernisation of a renewable energy source installation - it amounts to 50% of the costs of this project.

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