Anti-smog resolution: what to do if you can't afford to replace your heat source?

Faced with the growing problem of air pollution, especially in the autumn and winter months, many cities and municipalities are initiating special subsidy programmes. To improve air quality, anti-smog resolutions have been introduced by local authorities. They mandate the replacement of outdated cookers of the lowest class with new equipment. The purpose of the resolutions introduced is to improve air quality in the country, motivating residents to replace old cookers with new, more environmentally friendly solutions. Finding yourself in a situation where replacing your heating system is necessary but financially unaffordable can be daunting. The financial challenges can seem insurmountable. However, there are ways to take advantage of funding to replace your heat source. You can take advantage of subsidy programmes offered by the government or your local council, municipality.

By when must classless boilers be replaced?

Out of concern for air quality, based on the anti-smog resolutions introduced, the worst-quality, discontinued fuels cannot be used from 1 January 2021. In addition, residents of the Pomeranian Voivodeship are required to replace their old, classless boilers with devices that meet certain requirements.


  • as of 1 September 2024 for installations which do not comply with the emission standards corresponding to class 3 in terms of dust emission limits in accordance with EN 303- 5:2012
  • as of 1 September 2026 for installations not complying with the emission standards equivalent to class 3 and 4 in terms of dust emission limits according to PN-EN 303-5:2012

In the case of the city Sopot the deadline for replacing the boiler is different:

  • as from 1 January 2024 year, only the following fuels are permitted in installations: solid biomass with a moisture content of less than 20 per cent, gaseous fuel, LPG, light fuel oil.

The introduction of anti-smog resolutions forces residents to replace old boilers with more modern appliances and to use ecological solutions. The use of biomass and coal-fired appliances is prohibited in towns and rural areas where a connection to the municipal heating network is possible. In addition, biomass and coal appliances cannot be used in towns if a connection to the gas network is possible.

Non-compliance is punishable by a fine of up to PLN 5 000. Those fined should replace their old cooker immediately.

Funding for cooker replacement - what are the options?

If you're still heating your home with a drafty cooker and want to replace it with a newer and greener model, you can get grants to replace your cooker. Which ones exactly?

Clean Air

This is the most popular government programme, which makes it possible to obtain funding both for replacing the old heat source and for carrying out the necessary thermal modernisation works in the building. The essence of the programme is to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing heat sources and improving the energy efficiency of single-family residential buildings. The tool for achieving the objective is the co-financing of projects carried out by beneficiaries entitled to the basic level of co-financing, beneficiaries entitled to the increased level of co-financing and beneficiaries entitled to the highest level of co-financing. It is possible to receive up to PLN 69 000 in subsidies for furnace replacement and thermo-modernisation.

My warmth

The programme supports the purchase and installation of heat pumps for single-family buildings. The aim of the programme is to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using environmentally friendly heat sources and improving the energy efficiency of buildings. The tool to achieve the objective is the co-financing of projects implemented by beneficiaries entitled to the basic level of co-financing, beneficiaries entitled to the increased level of co-financing and beneficiaries entitled to the highest level of co-financing.

My Current

We are currently waiting for the announcement of the terms and conditions of the My Current VI programme grant. In the previous edition of the programme (V), subsidies were available for the installation of a heat pump. The installation of a photovoltaic system was a condition for the subsidy. Prosumers with net-billing could apply for the subsidy. The scheme provided up to 58,000 in financial support and a particularly high return was provided by combining photovoltaics with a heat pump with a higher energy rating. Any prosumer could benefit from the subsidy, as no income thresholds were set.

What to replace the old boiler with?

Faced with the need to replace old, inefficient coal-fired cookers with modern and environmentally friendly heating systems, residents are faced with choosing the best solution to comply with the requirements of the Anti-Smog Act. It is crucial to select a heat source that not only meets energy efficiency expectations, but also fits into the budget. Below are three recommended options:

1. heat pump

Heat pumps, which use ambient energy for heating, are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency. They are ideal for both new builds and properties that are due for a heating system replacement. With a long service life and the possibility of attractive subsidies, heat pumps offer stable heating costs and minimise environmental impact. Combination with photovoltaic systems can further reduce operating costs.

2 Pellet boiler

Pellet boilers, using a renewable energy source from wood waste, provide high efficiency and low emissions. Automatic operation and the low amount of maintenance required, such as ash removal, make them convenient to use. Low emissions and the possibility of obtaining subsidies make them an attractive choice for those looking for environmentally friendly and efficient heating solutions.

3. Infrared heating with heating film

Innovative infrared heating, implemented by means of a heating foil, is a solution that provides high thermal comfort while maintaining energy efficiency. By emitting heat in the form of infrared radiation, the heating foil distributes the temperature evenly throughout the room, providing a pleasant feeling of warmth. It is a quiet and energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating systems and can be easily installed under floors or in walls.


Choosing a new heat source requires a considered decision that takes into account both economic and ecological aspects. A heat pump, pellet boiler and infrared heating film are just some of the options available to replace outdated coal-fired boilers, helping to improve air quality and increase the energy efficiency of home heating


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