Full black photovoltaic panels - are they worth choosing?

The popularity that photovoltaic installations have achieved has exceeded all expectations. When deciding to set up a backyard solar power plant, we are forced to make some very important decisions. Particular attention should be paid to their power, as well as their overall performance and service life. However, the aesthetics of the workmanship and how they present themselves on a building or property are also becoming increasingly important. Will full black panels be a good option?

What are full black panels?

These are modules consisting of monocrystalline photovoltaic cells that are situated on a black base. As a result, full black panels have a more subdued colour and the characteristic white dots are less noticeable. Because manufacturers have chosen to place the cells on a black base, the panels are much less conspicuous. The black colour favours infrared absorption. Due to their colour, full black photovoltaic panels heat up at a much faster rate. The higher temperature of the cells means that they can ultimately produce less energy.

Full black or plain panels - which one is worth choosing?

Many investors are wondering, whether full black panels would be a better solution than traditional counterparts. The answer to this question is not clear-cut. Among the main advantages that full black panels have is an elegant design, which is particularly important for modern buildings. The full black panels can be easily integrated into the design of the house, so they will not affect the aesthetic value of the building to such a significant degree. In addition, by choosing solid-coloured framed panels, the solar panels installed on our house will be virtually invisible and can even add a modern touch.

Full black panels use monocrystalline cells, which allow us to draw more power from each square metre of our installation. This is particularly beneficial in situations where we have a small area. An additional advantage of an installation made of mono-crystalline modules is greater resistance to micro-cracks. Full black photovoltaic panels are also of better quality, as manufacturers often use higher grade cells in them.

Full Black panels in terms of price

Full Black panels are marginally more expensive than other panels of the same wattage, this is due to the use of better quality cells during their manufacture. As a result, they allow high generation yields to be achieved even in a small area under adverse weather conditions.

Full Black panels - are they worth choosing?

Photovoltaics still has huge untapped potential, but panel manufacturers are constantly introducing new developments so that the choice of photovoltaic panels is already widening.

This diversity makes it possible to tailor modules to individual customer needs and expectations, hence the growing popularity of the Full Black panels - They combine aesthetics and quality.


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