Flexible G12 tariff

The G12 tariff is as popular as the tariff G11. They are the most common tariffs chosen by residential consumers. The G12 tariff is a good choice for people with a high demand for electricity. Who is G12 dedicated to and when is it worth choosing this billing method?

What is the G12 tariff?

The main feature of the G12 tariff is the division into two time zones: peak and off-peak, with different electricity rates depending on the time zone. In the off-peak zone, electricity is cheaper, in which case electrical appliances that are used during this time use less expensive energy. During the peak time zone during the day, the rate is slightly higher. The higher electricity price applies for 14 hours during the day. The cheaper zone applies for 10 hours per day. With most distributors, the cheaper night-time tariff operates between 22:00 a 6:00 and between 13:00 a 15:00. 

What does G12 stand for?

From the name of the G12 tariff we can read the basic information about it:

  • The letter 'G' in the symbol indicates that the tariff is intended for households.
  • The 1 in the G12 designation indicates that the contracted power for this tariff does not exceed 40 kW.
  • The two in the name G12 provides us with the information that the tariff has two electricity rates during a good period, which depend on the time of day. For this reason, the G12 tariff group is also referred to as a two-zone tariff or night tariff.

When is it worth choosing the G12 tariff?

Most households use the G11 tariff. Why? This is because the G12 tariff is more complicated. It is mainly aimed at people who can plan their energy consumption - using energy-intensive appliances during off-peak hours. This option is beneficial for households with electric heating that is used at night.

G12w tariff - an additional option when choosing the G12 tariff?

There is also a weekend variation of the G12 tariff - the G12w. In this case, the cheaper rate additionally includes weekends, holidays and public holidays. This is ideal for people who do most of their energy-consuming household work on public holidays and weekends - Saturday and Sunday. Laundry, ironing, mowing the lawn are all activities that, with the G12w tariff, are best planned at the weekend.

How do I change my electricity tariff?

To change your electricity tariff, you must submit an application to your electricity retailer. The application can be submitted online, by post or in person at the retailer's customer service office.


Choosing the right electricity tariff can allow you to reduce your electricity costs. It is therefore advisable to carefully analyse your needs and possibilities in order to choose the most favourable tariff.

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